I love the Lutz area it is close to New Tampa, Land o Lakes and central to all of Tampa.  I make my pottery here in Lutz were I fire them. The clay I use is a  stoneware (high fire) and there is not a lot of places around that you can buy supplies.  I own 2 potters wheels and 2 kilns. I have a building in my backyard where my Lutz pottery is made. After doing real-estate I go home and head out back to unwind and make my Lutz pottery. Still find it hard to believe of all the 100’s of thing I made in the last 3-4 years I only have a few dozen pictures. I keep thinking one day I will sell some. But first I have to stack the shelves with a lot of good looking pieces.  I make these big wide mugs I call soup mugs as they are great for a cup of soup or a bowl of Ice cream. They seem to be a big hit as I get a request for them often. My favorite is a nice tall mug that holds about 16+ ounces and is wide enough for me to dunk my Oreo's in. Still a kid at heart and old habits are hard to break.  I have always enjoyed making pottery and I call it Lutz pottery.  I am making it in Lutz it is pottery so Lutz pottery seemed like the name of choice. Every thing I make is original and one of a kind, unique and I like it that way. I find throwing on a wheel is so easy. One day when I retire from Real-estate I would like to move back to New England were our family is and open a small pottery studio at the house and bring in a little extra mad money. So we will become Sun Birds (opposite of a snow bird). Still want to keep a place here in Lutz we can come down too during the cold months up north. Were I can make my Lutz pottery That way we get the best of both worlds to enjoy our golden years.  Have a great Day.  Ron Zzzzz.

Ron Zemetres Realtor    S.F.R. & G.R.I.   Direct Line  813-843-3474

Future Home Realty Tampa, FL 33626

high fired stone ware bowl with apples made by  local artist & Realtor Ron zemetres  hand carved stone ware jar. made by  local artist Ron zemetres pottery bowls thrown on the potters wheel made by  local artist & Realtor Ron zemetres stone ware bean pot thrown on wheel made by  local artist & Realtor Ron zemetres lutz pottery pottery air drying

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Lutz Pottery