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large fruit bowl 16" diameter

   A few more items fresh out of the kiln.  Some of the glazes ate beautiful and one of a kind for sure.  The light    blue vase reminds me of a old antique vase because of it’s color. Some have carving in them as well.  The bowl     at the bottom is nice and deep and has a beautiful glaze finish on the inside. It is about 14” in diameter it would     be s shame to fill with soil and put a plant in it,  I would probably fill it with fruit like grapes…  Also a nice     large platter at the bottom.      What ever.

16" fruit bowl by lutz pottery tall vase 14" ,in large plate 16"  by lutz pottery hand carved bottle  by lutz pottery 20" platter needs to be fired  by lutz pottery 14" round bowl  by lutz pottery

  Once I fill the shelves I believe I am going to sell some stuff. Of course friends and family get first choice and    get them for free..    Ron Zemetres Realtor ®     Cal me if you have any question or maybe want to buy or sell a home I am a Realtor that works for Future Home Realty 

 Email:  Cell# 813-843-3474  website

  Free home search site .  I make all my clients something for a closing gift.  (One way to get some    free pottery is to use me as your Realtor).  Thanks for visiting     Ron  Zzzzzzzz…… I love playing in the MUD, it is good  clean fun.  Have a great Day.   Ron Zzzzz.

large deep bowl stone ware on the wheel by ron zemetres 24" tall vase with cover drying out in the sun hand carved stoneware by lutz pottery

 The vase at the bottom right is larger than the picture portrays (24” tall about 14” wide) it to be. Both items on the bottom have  to dry then be bisque fired.  Then they can be glazed and fired again to 2250 and become beautiful stoneware. At Lutz Pottery  we  strive to make beautiful one of a kind works of art. They are all made right here in Lutz, Florida by local potter Ron  Zemetres. Which is me and I  do this as a hobby also to make closing gifts for my customers. As I stated below I am a full time  Realtor who works for RE/MAX . If you are one of my clients and have not received so mugs call me and I will get you a few  for free . Might take me a bit but I will make them for you.  Any questions about anything just give me a call.  Thanks again Ron